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PLANT-BASED EATING shifts the focus of the contemporary diet from animal products in favour of plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals.

However, plant-based eating does not mean cutting out animal products completely. It’s about resizing and reorganising what you put on your plate. This means that you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the benefits.

This workshop will give you all the know-how you need to ensure that you are meeting your nutritional demands to improve your health and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and cancer.

This workshop is for you, whether you are a:
• Vegetarian
• Vegan
• Meat-eater
• Someone interested in healthy eating and disease prevention

**Includes a FOOD TASTING session.

The workshop will be taught in English.
O workshop será lecionado em Inglês.
Caso esteja interessado num evento em Português, contacte:

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