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Revolutionary Accommodation is having a SHIATSU Open Day.


Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy (literally meaning "finger pressure") that has the ability, by touch, to influence the flow of Ki (VITAL ENERGY). As an holistic therapy, it allows to work your phisical, mental and spiritual body as a whole.

Indicated to various problems such as back, head, neck or shoulders pain, insomnia, digestive problems, fatigue, and also emotional imbalances such as depression, anxiety and emotional blockages.

Shiatsu therapy releases stagnant energies, and allows the rebalancing of the body.

Revolutionary Accommodation Shiatsu Open Day will use Japanese futons.
It´s advisable that the receivers wear comfortable and light (cotton) clothing.
We also recommend participants to avoid eating until two hours before the therapy session.

Revolutionary Accommodation Shiatsu Open Day
WHERE: Rua de Arroios, 100 A/B
WHEN: 5 october (monday) - from 14h00 to 1800
*10/20 minutes therapy session

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